Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remove my make-up please.

For quite some time now I have been on the search for a great make-up remover. See, I use to use Johnson's baby wash and I think it works well, but there must be something better out there, right? Then I switched over to "Maybelline Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover (for waterproof eye makeup)" you know...the pink bottle. It was horrible, left my eyes so greasy and definitely did not get rid of all my mascara and liner. So I went back to my trusty old Johnson's baby wash, until I found something better.

Now, I've wanted to try the MAC Wipes for quite some time but before doing so I've decided to try different products in the mean time. Therefore, the next make up remover I tried were the Neutrogena Make-Up Removing Cleansing Towelette's. I found these in my local Wegman's Supermarket about two months ago and they were on sale for $4.99. Steal right? Well at least I thought so...
I tried out the product and it worked very well, I must admit. But, in all honesty after using it a few times I started to realize that afterwards I would get this burning sensation on my face. You know that stinging feeling you get when you're face is wet and cold air hits it directly? Well if so, that's how it felt. So, in order to prove that I wasn't crazy I tried it out on my guinea mother.
I was trying out different looks on her one day and I asked her to wipe off the make up she already had on. After she used the wipe I said to her, "it worked very well right?" To which she replied "I guess so... but I kind of have a burning feeling on my face."
Remember though, what works for me may or may not work for you, if you find this product amazing I'm very happy for you, but it's just not for me.

Another thing, many people seem to have the notion that if they buy these, they're actually saving money because they're not expensive as the wipes they get at MAC.
MAC Wipes are $26 for a whopping 100 wipes.
Neutrogena Wipes? Usually retail for about $8 for 25 wipes. (8*4=32).

Moving on....
After I finished up my Neutrogena wipes, I was scouring the shelves at Target for something different. And something caught my eye..

Clean & Clear Make-up Dissolving Foaming Cleanser.
What can I say about it? Miracle worker? Oh yes it is, very much so actually. Now, when I saw it I said to myself "how good could a foaming soap be?" It is amazing, quite frankly. The biggest test I have, when trying out new make-up removers, is MAC's Fluidline. So, I caked on a whole slab of Blacktrack across my lid, let it dry a bit, ran to the bathroom, spashed water on my face pumped a few pumps of my miracle worker, scrubbed a few scrubs, looked in the mirror and lo and behold... nada! Nothing was there my friend.
So please, next time you're shopping around and want a really good make-up remover try this out. It doesn't have any weird smells and doesn't burn if it gets in your eyes. Its truly a great product.

So regardless of the fact that I found a remarkable make-up remover, it doesn't mean that I still don't want to try other things in the mean time. Haha... I still want to test out other Make-up wipes, so that I will be able to compare them to the MAC version, when I finally buy them that is.
I went back to Wegman's recently and checked out the different wipes they had, I noticed the Neutrogena ones were back to original price, $7.99. I looked around and found the Clean & Clear Make-Up Dissolving Cleansing Wipes for about $3.99. I will not write a review on it just yet, given that I have only used them once. After about a week or so, I will post my thoughts and opinions. But from that one use? No burning sensation...